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January DemoNightLx launches us into 2024

2024 demonightlx january Jan 10, 2024

January DemoNightLx launched the Canopy team into 2024! With Founders Barnaby, Sahil, Paul and Bob sharing their ideas and receiving critical feedback from our panel.

Demo Night is the 2nd Wednesday of each month this year. The full schedule is published HERE To book a session with any of the panel go HERE.

watch the edition back from here 


Key insights

  • 🔍 The use of AI to filter and match job candidates based on specific preferences and skills could revolutionize the hiring process.

  • 📈 The concept of retrieval augmentation and building custom knowledge databases can revolutionize the way we approach data processing and matching in the future.

  • 🤖 Deepreel uses AI to clone the appearance and voice of a person to make videos from just text, potentially revolutionizing content creation and marketing.

  • 🤖 With AI-powered video creation, you can generate videos for your products in hours or minutes rather than days or weeks, at 90% lower cost.

  • 💰 Personal data is as valuable as a bank account, and it's crucial for users to have checks and balances in place to protect their privacy.

  • 🏡 Lenuity enables house builders to sell more homes faster for more money, revolutionizing the home buying experience.

  • 🏡 The hyper-personalized mortgage products for house builders can offer better options than any other lender in the market.

  • 🏡 Bob is helping corporate executives to keep up with the rapid changing tech landscape through a reverse mentoring model.

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