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Launching today the Canopy Membership designed for first time Founders

2024 announcement failure founder july launch london membership Jul 10, 2024
Join today for 50% discount

10 July, 2024 - London - Today at DemoNight hosted with City Launch Lab, Canopy announces the launch of the new membership program specifically designed and shaped for First Time Founders.  Early adopters of the membership can sign up today using  THIS LINK and receive a 50% discount.

Members who join the program get access to the following

  • A peer group of Founders who are going through similar challenges

  • Monthly challenge, related to the first two years of developing an idea. For example “share your pitch deck and get peer feedback from other Founders in the group”

  • Monthly knowledge transfer from a member of the In Residence team. For example “How to build your MVP on zero budget”.

  • Monthly live coaching call with a member of the In Residence team. Bringing together the challenge and knowledge transfer sessions and also providing an opportunity for an open discussion around questions and answers on any topic related to your startup.

This program has been designed for startup Founders, and has a lot of technical input from our CTO in Residence. It is also relevant for Founders of social enterprise and Non profits, who go through similar challenges in the first two years.

It is particularly relevant for Founders who are doing something impactful and of meaning with their startup or spin out company.  We've shaped it to help reduce your risks of failure and provide key knowledge that helps you speed up your journey.

Unique needs of Founders at the start of their journey

When building the program, the In Residence team has put together a series of knowledge transfers and coaching frameworks based on the unique needs of Founders in the first two years of a startup. These are the highest failure years and where Founders typically benefit the most from support around things they are doing for the first time.

This includes things like

  • Business planning and writing business plans

  • Building and testing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • Raising early stage funding (and grants)

  • Recognising the most persistent reasons that Founders fail in the first two years, and mitigating them in your own journey.

There is a different, targeted, topic each month. Recordings from each month are then available to members as an on demand library which grows over the lifetime of the program.

Additionally, built into the approach for each month is the live coaching call which can cover any number of topics & the knowledge transfer schedule can be reprioritised depending on the pressing need of the members in the program.

What we wished we’d known

We look forward to welcoming you to this program and hope that as a first time Founder it helps you to improve your journey and the outcomes you secure.

Members of the In Residence team who are contributing to this have started, built, grown and sold companies in the past and we bring you the lessons we have gained from our experience, and the lessons we wished we had access to when we started.

What are you waiting for? We’re here for you. Let’s go! #Forca

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